Casino streaming: Turning the gaming experience on its head

Incorporating streamers into a casino’s offering is the key to targeting the Gen Y and Gen Z audiences that are looking for new and engaging sources of entertainment according to Lloyd Purser, COO of Funfair Games.

Speaking in the most recent issue of SBC Leaders, Purser said that streaming can offer immediate product insights for the tech-savvy ‘new gen’ players, also offering a community whereby the player can immediately identify themselves with. 

He added: “The impact of casino streamers in the last two years has rapidly grown and today, an increasing number of brands and suppliers are turning to individual streamers or streamer networks to promote their games to a carefully curated and highly engaged, next generation player audience. Many of whom are under 35, and therefore the ideal target market.”

The addition of streamers to an offer, Purser continued, can also transform gaming and slot play from a solitary single-player experience into a highly engaging form of multiplayer entertainment.

He continued: “Streaming has turned slot play on its head, bringing it out of the shadows as a single-player, solitary experience into a shared one, and multiplayer games are, and will, continue to do the same by driving new levels of community and engagement. 

“For the time being, the multiplayer sector is relatively untapped, however we firmly believe it has as much, if not more, potential to grow within the casino world as streaming.”

Purser’s comments were part of a dual perspective on the impact of casino streaming, as he was joined by CasinoGrounds CEO Tobias Svensen

While being a key means in offering a gaming community for Gen Y and Gen Z players, Svensen also noted that streamers can help bring down the barriers to engagement, creating what he describes as a ‘borderless’ experience filled with instantaneous connections between players.

He added: “Casino streaming has become a platform where the industry, players, viewers, game developers and others all stand on equal ground, sharing experiences.

“What used to be a good story someone told their friends is now just seconds away from being published, shared and viewed thousands of times within a matter of hours. What used to be an experience you would only share with those close to you is now borderless, and connects with thousands of people instantaneously.”

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