Global sports betting and gaming entertainment firm Entain, through its non-profit affiliate Entain Foundation US, has donated $100,000 to Seton Hall Law School

The group says that this will be used to provide annual ethics, legal, and compliance education for compliance and legal professionals in the online sports betting and gaming sector.  

Entain, which operates through BetMGM in the US, adds that the move will build on the inaugural Gaming Law, Compliance and Integrity Bootcamp, launched at Seton Hall with the Entain Foundation US in March 2020, and attended by an initial group of 50. 

Martin Lycka, senior vice president for American regulatory affairs and responsible gambling, commented: “The Bootcamp aligns with Entain’s focus on promoting sports integrity, responsible gambling, and corporate compliance.

“We look forward to extending our partnership with Seton Hall Law School, a leading law school and a recognised global leader in compliance education, to help provide professionals with the specialist skill needed to support the growth of this sector in the US.”

The goal is to make Seton Hall Law’s Bootcamp, which focuses on case studies and key legislative provisions to achieve best practices in state-sanctioned gambling and industry regulation, and scheduled for September 19 to 22, 2021, at its downtown Newark campus, the premier annual program in the industry. 

For this year’s program, Entain and Seton Hall Law officials anticipate including nationally and internationally recognised experts who will deliver insights on the global and US gambling markets and trends. 

Subject matter will also include legal and regulatory structures that ensure market integrity and player protection, and transparent compliance protocols that protect both the public interest and operators.

Kathleen Boozang, Dean of Seton Hall Law, said: “This funding will guarantee the continued success of the Bootcamp and ensure that gaming compliance professionals have a strong understanding of regulatory frameworks and the ability to identify, scrutinise, prevent, and address unlawful or unethical behaviours.”

The move by Entain follows its recent extension of responsibility and player protection initiatives led by the US Foundation into related sectors, including video gaming and esports.

Earlier this month it announced partnerships with the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association, Kindbridge, Rise Above the Disorder, and an expanded partnership with Epic Risk Management.

William Pascrell III, a trustee of the Entain Foundation US and Seton Hall Law alumnus, added: “This industry is growing very rapidly, and needs the support of top quality legal and compliance professionals who understand the complexities of the regulatory landscape. This is a really exciting collaboration which seeks to do that.”