Lena Yasir, vice president of Malta operations at Pragmatic Play, discusses the importance of creating content for players to access anywhere on any device, rather than forcing them to settle for existing products.

There is no doubt that gaming is a true global industry. Players from Mexico to Macau will know the lights and sounds of a casino floor, and users from the Nordics to New Jersey can now enjoy an online slot experience. 

However, every single one of these players will have slightly different preferences, which is why it is vital to ensure that our target audience has access to content that they will enjoy.

At Pragmatic Play, we’re acutely aware that different regions need different content, so our diverse product portfolio allows us to work with operators to deliver experiences that players really want, rather than having them settle for something that’s good, but not quite what they desire.

Establishing localised hubs across Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of player behaviour in different regions, allowing us to realise the demographics of players who enjoy a live casino experience on their mobile, or a virtual sports race on a desktop device.

As mobile prevalence becomes even more common in regulated markets around the globe, the importance of creating titles across all our verticals that are optimised for mobile products has increased. 

Mobile players account for a staggering amount of revenue generated for operators and suppliers alike, so creating games that these players can’t play seems to make little sense. 

Not only does this mean creating games that can be accessed with poorer internet connections, but making sure gameplay can fit seamlessly onto small screens without negatively impacting the UX.

It is no secret that we pride ourselves on creating mobile-first slot games, but we’ve also focused on creating products that give players the opportunity to enjoy a swift gaming session on the go. 

From Speed Roulette to virtual horse races, our product portfolio offers fast-resolution gaming experiences for players to enjoy on mobile devices. 

We’ve taken this a step further with our upcoming live casino product, Dragon Tiger: a card game that’s designed to appeal to players who enjoy baccarat, players have to decide which card will have the highest value – Dragon, Tiger or a tie. 

With multiple side bets available for players to enhance their betting experience even further, the title is a swiftly resolved live casino thriller dealt from our state-of-the-art studio and streamed on low latency, 4k cameras.

We continue to focus on expanding our product range and develop content aimed at different players around the world, rather than simply creating a title and expecting it to have the same performance qualities worldwide.

As markets all across the globe continue to embrace regulation, more and more players have the opportunity to enjoy mobile igaming experiences. It is vital that the igaming industry continues to develop and refine games across the spectrum for mobile players. 

This isn’t just true for slots, but l8ve casino, virtual sports, bingo and more, giving igaming users the chance to broaden their horizons and truly enjoy a thrilling, diverse experience.

In the same way that the shift from land-based to desktop computers saw a leap in the capabilities of content, the continued growth of mobile play will see suppliers adapt to create more engaging mobile content for players to enjoy anywhere on any device.