FlowPlay has announced a record-breaking final readout from its May campaign, after raising $70,000 through the company’s flagship Vegas World social casino.

Funds will support the American Cancer Society‘s ‘Get Screened’ awareness efforts, which encourage people to get their recommended cancer screenings, many of which were delayed due to COVID. 

During the month of May, FlowPlay offered a virtual ACS get screened-branded charm in Vegas World, which was available for players to purchase in support of the ACS. Funds were also raised via direct contributions. 

This year’s momentum has built upon FlowPlay’s record fundraising year in 2020, when its players helped raise upwards of $120,000 for the ACS’s Hope Lodge and Go Gold programs.

“Throughout all of the challenges over the past 16 months – physical, emotional and economic – it is remarkable to see the number of FlowPlay players who have continued to play and donate during our fundraising events with the ACS,” said Derrick Morton, CEO of FlowPlay

“I am humbled by the generosity of our players since we began partnering with the ACS in 2016. As we continue to build on our record-setting momentum, I implore all individuals and organisations to see how and where they can support organisations in their own communities.”

ACS continues to make large strides in the fight against cancer, and wants to drive mass awareness of the importance of cancer screening which can find cancers in their earliest stages, when they are easiest to treat and will have better patient outcomes. Since 2016, FlowPlay has raised over $760,000 for charity causes, with $335,000 being donated to the ACS.

“We are extremely grateful to FlowPlay and to Vegas World players for continuing to support our efforts,” added Carolyn Williams-Goldman, interim executive vice president west region at the American Cancer Society. 

“Finding cancer earlier can mean all the difference in a patient’s treatment options and their outcome. Now is the time for everyone who put off their cancer screenings to get them scheduled.”