The use of mobile devices for gambling is undoubtedly showing no signs of slowing down in the next few years. 

But as technology develops even further, and more players opt for hand-held devices rather than the more ‘traditional’ desktop counterpart, Vlad Horianskyi – chief marketing officer at TVBET – has advised both bookmakers and casinos to pay considerably more attention to the development of mobile products.

The use of mobile devices for gaming can allow bettors to play casino games on the go – and with the development of mobile technologies, players need not worry about the lack of the internet and access to the network.

Surveys in 2017 showed that only 10 per cent of users regularly use mobiles to play gambling games. By contrast, a joint digital report from the European Gaming and Betting Association and H2 Gambling Capital showed that in 2020, 45.6 per cent of digital gambling profits were generated through mobile devices. 

At the same time, experts believe that by 2022, this figure will reach 50.8 per cent, exceeding the share of traffic from PCs for the first time. This trend will continue, and by 2025 the share of online gambling revenues generated through smartphones and tablets will grow to 58.2 per cent.

In addition to the growth in the number of gamblers using mobile gadgets to access gambling establishments, the amount of time they spend on smartphones will also increase. 

Thus, mobile technologies are not only becoming more affordable but also characterised by better performance and usability; even slots with 3D graphics or live games can run without interruptions or loss of quality.

TVBET believes that bookmakers and online casinos need to create and integrate such products and services that will run well from mobile devices. In this regard, the provider of live games takes care of the mobile adaptation of its solutions. 

Today, TVBET products with betting mechanics are presented on more than 400 websites all around the globe, and mobile versions of our games have commercial success as well.

To ensure that our games are tailored towards those players which bet via desktops and mobile devices, we use our iFrame. This ensures that players can play our complete portfolio of 12 live games.

The success of this is shown in the number of punters placing bets on our games from smartphones, indicating that our mobile-adapted games are commercially successful. The TVBET technical platform also allows for the correct running of all our games without a glitch.

We attribute our successes to American broadcasting technology and workstations, strong knowledge of high-end 3D animation, green screen keying technology which leads to realistic 3D scenery and detailed animation, broadcasts in full HD as well as a high-speed internet connection of two stand-alone channels, with a backup channel each.

All the functions for betting on live games are saved in the mobile TVBET iFrame as well. The interface is easy to understand and intuitive. 

So punters will have no troubles while making bets on TVBET games from mobile devices. All is done with the aim to keep up with the times and stay in tune with the interests of the players.