Fraser Linkleter, CMO of Slots Temple, issues a warning to the igaming industry that now, more than ever, they must stand up and be counted in terms of compliance.

Compliance – by its very nature is a forever changing topic, evolving to meet current needs and demands, adapting and being reshaped to serve as the best possible regulations for an industry famed for its innovation and fast-moving environment. But, at the heart of all compliance must be the sole purpose to protect the players.

In such a complex industry which caters for so many business variants, the minefield which is conformity to the rules, knowing and understanding the latest derivatives, is an easy stage to get wrong and fall foul of the authorities. But, membership to a professional, industry focused and experienced body can be the answer to more questions than first expected. 

The recent news surrounding Slots Temple becoming the latest members of RAiG (Responsible Affiliates in Gambling) shows not only a growing trend for igaming companies to join forces with such organisations to ensure their compliance status, but importantly a positive movement from the affiliate community to follow their casino operator peers in partnering with recognised and trusted institutions, not only to secure their own regulatory future, but also to gain the confidence of their user base.

“Being compliant now is a human responsibility to protect and serve the human user”

While many tier one operators employ large departments to deal with the subject, and many with departments within themselves to contend with the jurisdictional differences in which they operate, affiliates on the whole have more modest resources.

This has led to very successful outsourcing processes, and companies such as Gambling Integrity, who aided Slots Temple along their path through the regulations, to step in as a first port of call.

The traditional misunderstanding that being compliant is simply ‘not breaking the rules’ has long since been replaced with a far deeper obligation that companies and their employees fully understand why the regulations are in place, why they must be adhered to, and the consequences if they are not.

Being compliant now is a human responsibility to protect and serve the human users, as opposed to just having the right legal sentences publicly visible.

Authorities demand evidential documentation of ongoing processes within companies involved across all categories of igaming to prove they are following the guidelines and actively training their staff on best practices and methodologies.

The promotion of responsible gambling across the globe in recent years has increased considerably through tightening regulations brought on by escalated media coverage and pressures.

Compliance for a company is now an ongoing due diligence exercise which must be planned and actioned throughout their public facing site, behind the scenes activities and lifespan.

“…acting and presenting yourself as the credible and long-established casino operators do is now an essential tool of conduct”

The process of establishing the right safeguards can be quite an eye-opener for many participants. Changing their company structure, revising their business strategy or even altering the way they present themselves to their users. This process, however taxing it might appear, has far wider usage advantages for a company’s future exploits and expansion.

Fundamentally, enhancing and strengthening procedures is for the benefit of customers and employees. The means by becoming more compliant in the eyes of the authorities also has the additional benefit of steadying a company and organising it for further regulatory applications.

This in turn has the reputation building factor by which players see an operation. A casino or affiliate site, which features a competitive edge, such as Slots Temple‘s free-to-play prize giving tournaments, showing a good compliance standing and relevant certificates from a successful process stands any operation in good stead.

Joining and being an active part of an organisation, whose intentions are to raise standards also give validity to a company’s standing. Having a voice on the trending compliance topics around the industry resonates with users, developing trust in the player opinions and the personnel involved with the brand.

Especially for an affiliate, acting and presenting yourself as the credible and long-established casino operators do is now an essential tool of conduct. Players demand more and expect the highest customer service on all levels.

Any reputable business maintaining a presence and planning to expand within the igaming industry must now, more than ever, stand up and be counted in terms of compliance.