Eyas strengthens Crucial Compliance bond via CBI integration

Partnership concept
Image: Shutterstock

Eyas Gaming has widened its service with Crucial Compliance in an attempt to drive responsible sustainable player value. 

As part of the extended partnership, the operator, behind online casino brands MerkurSlot.com and MerkurCasino.com, has integrated the Crucial Business Intelligence into its gaming platform. 

CBI is a system that provides a single customer view, with advanced behavioural segmentation, predictive modelling, marketing attributions across all channels, as well as analytics and over 25 KPI reports.

Andy Masters, COO at Crucial Compliance, stated: “We are delighted to have strengthened our partnership with Eyas Gaming and to be providing the operator with our powerful Crucial Business Intelligence system. 

“It is the only platform that has been built from the ground up by igaming professionals for the specific purpose of player management through automated behavioural processes and with a focus on sustainable revenues from players while keeping them in the ‘fun zone’. The tool is also supported by an experienced training, data and analytical team, helping Eyas recruit to scale.

“CBI improves the output and efficiency of the operations and CRM team, allowing the Eyas team to focus on strategy rather than running to standstill with lesser or legacy databases. We look forward to working closely with Eyas Gaming in what is a long and successful partnership in the making.”

On the integration of CBI, Eyas noted that it was “two-fold”. Firstly, into the Bede platform and secondly to calibrate and customise its chosen CRM provider, Adobe Campaign. The integration is going live with an initial 18 separate customer journeys, with another 40 expected to go live as the product portfolio increases.

The predictive modelling covers off 13 key areas ranging from churn prevention through to “Affordability Check Trajectory”, allowing RG teams to prepare players for source of funds checks. 

Joe Goldstein, head of financial planning and analysis at Eyas Gaming, remarked: “We took a best of breed system in CBI to ensure that the usual barriers to success simply don’t exist. Working hand in hand with the team at Crucial meant not only that we could scale our internal team quickly, but it also meant that we benefited from expert guidance on the integration and configuration of Adobe into Bede. 

“Crucial oversaw this integration so that every aspect of a player’s journey is managed through an almost individual personal communication but with Responsible Gambling communications interlaced through the lifecycle. We want new players but critically we only want them playing within their means and across our entire product portfolio.

“The reports are fully dynamic and they allow us to track every element of the customer lifecycle. They have also developed financial and regulatory reporting solutions for us, which means I have more time to understand the numbers rather than preparing reporting myself. 

“Because CBI delivers a single customer view, it means there is one single and absolute truth across the business rather than a marketing, finance and exec view for the same data.  As we move into other markets and currencies, the scalable system and team at Crucial gives Eyas complete confidence to accelerate our plans, as we are.”