Gambling may be facing an affordability crisis with half of all active gamblers in the UK looking to reduce their spending

Gambling within the UK may be facing an “affordability crisis” according to a poll conducted by YouGov, on behalf of the Department of Trust, revealing that half of all active gamblers in the country are looking to reduce their spending. 

Based on research amongst a representative sample of current, active gamblers, in light of a drastically changing economic backdrop, the poll found that 32 per cent of respondents said they will spend less on gambling in the coming months while a further 18 per cent say they will stop playing entirely.

Looking at their reasons for this, 59 per cent of the respondents pinpointed pressure on their finances as the reason for their intended reductions, while 11 per cent of them explained how they were already struggling to meet even essential bills and expenses. 

Meanwhile, 43 per cent cited that they were consciously cutting back on non-essentials, while 38 percent said they were watching what they spend without making any changes as yet. 

According to Charles Cohen, Chief Executive and Founder of DoTrust, the findings should be “an alarm bell” for a gambling sector already under increasing pressure to ensure players are able to afford their bets. 

He warned: “Inflation is at levels not seen for decades and this is translating into a fast moving affordability crisis for the gambling industry. Wait-and-see is not an option: operators need real time financial data more than ever.”