DGA reveals nearly 4,000 compliance checks led to over 250 police reports

The Danish Gambling Authority has revealed that over 250 criminal cases have been opened from 2019 to 2021 following its compliance checks in gambling arcades and pubs. 

In a facts sheet released by Spillemyndigheden, the authority revealed that of the almost 4,000 checks between the previously stated years, 255 were reported to the police.  

In 2021, the DGA completed 1,511 basic compliance checks at premises with gaming machines, with 2020 highlighting remarkably fewer – 683 – due to the global health crisis resulting in lockdowns. Moreover, the pre-pandemic period (2019) witnessed 1,829 checks. 

Out of the 1,511 premises checks by the Danish Gambling Authority in 2021, 106 were rechecked due to “not fully complying with the rules”. The report stated that most cases were “minor breaches” that were corrected upon second inspection. 

However, the DGA stated that sometimes it is necessary to report gambling operators to the police, typically if people under the age of 18 are seen gambling on machines, if the gambling arcade is not manned, or if other types of gambling are offered than those permitted. 

Pre-pandemic witnessed the most cases being reported to the police – 126 – with 2020 reporting more police reports than 2021, despite COVID restrictions, with 46 last year compared to the 83 the year prior. 

Additionally, as part of the checks, all gaming machines are connected to the authority’s  data system tracking the activity on the gaming machines. Every year, the DGA compares the reported fees with the actual activity on the gaming machines. 

Over the past two years, this check has brought in almost DKK 500,000 in extra fees a year. Together with the annual fees, the extra check ensures resources that enable the DGA to continue its compliance check of the part of the gambling market taking place in gambling arcades, kiosks and pubs.

Furthermore, in 2020, the Spillemyndigheden refunded DKK 136,895 to gambling operators with inactive gaming machines.