Ksa: Dutch market ‘not out of step’ when it comes to protecting players

Image: Shutterstock

The Kansspelautoriteit has issued an update on the Dutch Cruks self exclusion register, as the regulator urges online games providers to note the results of a recent study regarding the protection of customers.

This research, said the Ksa, demonstrated that the Netherlands “is not out of step with its laws and regulations when it comes to protecting players against the unwanted effects of gambling”.

The study, conducted by the Dutch Gambling Authority, examined the implementation of the duty of care to prevent gambling addiction in 21 European countries.

The aim was to gain more insight into how this is fulfilled and implemented across other regions, as the Ksa looks to learn lessons from those jurisdictions that possess a more established online gambling ecosystem. 

“The research shows that there are no ready-made answers to the question of how the duty of care and the limits can best be implemented in concrete terms,” the regulator noted,

“The research does show that, in terms of legislation and regulations, the Netherlands is not inferior to the policy in other countries when it comes to the possibility of protecting players against the development of gambling addiction. 

“Where the laws and regulations are stricter, the situation is sometimes not easily comparable (Austria, Norway) and sometimes the feasibility or effectiveness is still problematic or unclear (Belgium, Germany).

“Nevertheless, the study provides starting points for further developing a safe playing environment. 

“The games of chance sector and individual games of chance providers have a responsibility to fulfil the statutory duty of care in a careful and responsible manner. A game of chance is not a ‘normal’ product and providers should behave accordingly.”

Adding: “The Ksa invites providers of high-risk games of chance to take note of the results of the inventory of the various ways in which the duty of care can be fulfilled and to take advantage of this.”

Furthermore, the Central Register of Exclusion of Gaming (Cruks) has seen more than 20,000 people take a break from gambling, with the register having been consulted more than 148 million times. 

Slot machine arcades, Holland Casino branches and online gambling providers should consult Cruks before allowing a player to gamble. If someone is on the registry, access will be denied.