Nexiux Solutions has certainly made a splash in recent weeks, with the igaming player platform and services provider vowing to embark on a strategy of “real growth” that will be done with a worldwide approach during the coming months.

Here, Rob Verdia, Head of Products at Nexiux Solutions, which has recently aligned with Altenar, Xtremepush and Hexopay, dissects the former of those alliances, advantages of a modular platform design and if operators can truly enjoy success with a sole vertical focus.

CasinoBeats: Congratulations on securing a partnership with Altenar, among numerous other recent alliances, Can you tell us more about the deal? 

Rob Verdia: Thanks. The Nexiux player and igaming platform is modular which means we can bolt on products and solutions from the best providers in the business, and that is exactly what we have done with Altenar. Altenar really needs no introduction; it is the leading sportsbook platform provider behind some of the biggest betting brands in the world including LottoLand, JustBet, BetMotion, KTO and Ninja Casino.

By integrating its solution into our platform, we can provide our operator partners with a fully managed sportsbook that is powerful yet stable and that benefits from a wide range of sports content sourced from multiple data partners.

This can then be combined with our solutions for compliance, CRM, player management, payments, customer service and more to give operators everything they need to launch a competitive online sportsbook in global markets. 

CB: What made Altenar become identified as an ideal partner? 

RV: A sportsbook is about more than just odds and markets, and Altenar provides a comprehensive platform and solution. This includes risk management, trading, a smart bonus engine, multi-brand management, 24/7 customer support and key features such as cash out.

What’s more, the Altenar sportsbook has also been certified by regulators in the UK, Malta, Romania and Ontario, allowing us to help our customers launch in these markets for the first time or, if they are already active in these jurisdictions, take the product and experience they offer to players to the next level.

Ultimately, Altenar and Nexiux Solutions are aligned on their belief that cutting-edge technology should be the driving force behind any online sportsbook or casino, and by coming together we are able to offer operators the platform they need to succeed in highly competitive global markets. 

CB: What advantages did you internally highlight in building your player and igaming platform in a modular way? 

RV: Operators need tremendous flexibility if they are to deliver an experience that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of their players. This requires a platform that can quickly and easily integrate products and solutions from third parties, and the only way to do that is via modular technology.

For Nexiux Solutions, it also means that we can work with the best of the best across all areas of an online casino or sportsbook. This includes content, CRM, bonusing, payments and more. If we can’t build something extraordinary ourselves, then we can partner with and integrate solutions from those that can.

Being modular means being nimble and agile, and with changing regulations and shifting player preferences, this is key to being able to operate sustainable and successful online gambling brands. 

CB: How does this ensure you can offer the best online casino product to your partners? 

RV: As mentioned above, it means we can bolt on cutting-edge products and solutions that allow our operator partners to deliver a superior experience. For example, we give operators access to thousands of slots, table and live dealer titles from a huge roster of studios and providers.

This includes everyone from tier one developers through to Scandi power players and up-and-coming developers looking to push the boundaries. Operators can curate their own game lobbies for each brand and for each market depending on player preferences.

Localisation is key here, and we have such a broad range of content covering core global markets they can pick and choose the games they know will hit the market with their players the most. Of course, if we don’t stock a provider that they wish to offer, we can easily integrate their games into our platform. 

CB: Can operators really succeed by just focusing on a single product or do they need to be multi-vertical to secure the largest share of wallet? 

RV: There will always be businesses and brands that succeed by focusing on one thing and doing it better than anyone else. Ultimately, the success of any online gambling brand comes down to the product and experience that is provided to the player – if you can do that better than your rivals then you will acquire and retain players at higher levels than your competition.

Of course, there is plenty of cross-sell potential between sports betting, esports betting and online casino, so there is a clear argument for operators to expand into other verticals in order to leverage this cross-sell but also extend the reach of their brand to a whole new audience.

But it goes without saying that this cannot come at the cost of the product and experience that is offered to players. Nexiux Solutions and our player and igaming platform have been developed to provide operators with everything they need to succeed, whether they focus on one vertical or multiple verticals. 

CB: What can we expect from Nexiux Solutions between now and the end of the year? 

RV: We have several headline-grabbing partnerships that we will be announcing in the coming weeks that will further strengthen our platform in core areas such as marketing/CRM and payments. This will ensure that we continue to provide our partners with the tools they need to differentiate and deliver a compelling player experience.

We will also be heading to G2E in October where we look forward to showcasing the prowess and performance of our player and igaming platform and chatting with delegates about what this fast-paced and thriving industry has in store for us all over the months and years ahead.