The Malta Gaming Authority has issued warnings regarding unlicensed operators after the regulator noted that it was aware of “entities operating without an authorisation within Malta” which are “operating illegally”.

Therefore, the Authority has noted that it “informs the public that these entities are not duly authorised” for the provision of gaming services to any person in Malta.

A statement issued by the MGA listed a total of 18 websites as violating regulatory requirements, which included the websites of,, and

The warning added that the operators held no licence to operate in Malta, which infringed on the regulatory requirements of Article 13 of the Gaming Act.

“The MGA would like to remind consumers not to utilise services provided by an entity unless they have ascertained that the entity in question is authorised to provide such services by the MGA,” the regulator added. 

“The gaming regulatory framework obliges authorised persons to comply with strict legal requirements in the interest of consumers. 

“The activities of unlicensed entities are unregulated and do not provide the necessary safeguards delineated by virtue of the framework, making transactions with such entities risky for consumers.”

Most recently, the MGA launched a closed consultation with its licensees regarding proposed amendments to the Player Protection Directive, which are aimed at strengthening and clarifying the current framework.

The Authority requires feedback on licensees’ obligations related to the five markers of harm that must be considered by operators when determining effective measures and processes to detect and address problem gambling.