Danish casinos continue recovery amid September and YTD increases

Image: Shutterstock

Gross gaming revenue across Danish gambling has witnessed an increase through September, with a drop in the country’s gaming machines segment counteracted by an uptick across the online casino ecosystem.

This saw the country record a 3.18 per cent overall increase through its latest reporting period, with revenue up from the past year’s DKK 566m (£66.18m) to DKK 584m (£68.29m) for the current year.

Online casino once again took the lion’s share of this figure courtesy of a 14.4 per cent rise through the 30 day period to DKK 237m (2021: DKK 207m), while the country’s betting space remained consistent year-on-year at DKK 214m (£25m).

The largest decline, as previously alluded to, came via the gaming machines division, this tracked a 10.1 YoY downfall through the month to DKK 99m (2021: DKK110m). 

Elsewhere, the country’s land-based casinos, which are maintaining recovery strategies, reported a slight drop in revenue of a little less than two percentage points to DKK 34m (2021: DKK 35m).

On a year-to-date basis, these latter two divisions tracked significant increases, with YoY comparisons set against periods of COVID enforced lockdowns as revenue through the nine months of 2022 closed at DKK 4.95bn (£578.84m) from the DKK 4.54bn (£530.89m) reported one year earlier.

It is igaming that once again makes up the largest percentage of this figure via a 1.9 per cent uptick to DKK 2.13bn (2021: DKK 2.09bn), while betting declined 6.3 per cent as of September 30, 2022, to finish up at DKK 1.7bn (2021: 1.82bn).

Elsewhere, gaming machines shot up 73 per cent across the nine month period to DKK 858m (2021: DKK 496m), while land-based casinos reported revenue of DKK 260m (£30.4m), up 93 per cent YOY from DKK 135m (£15.78m).