Changes in leadership have the ability to derail even the most-efficient operations, but 1×2 Network CEO Kevin Reid believes his new-found management helped drive the igaming conglomerate into ‘the next chapter of its success story’. 

Despite facing uncertainty when its previous CEO left the company after being at the helm since its inception, 1×2 Network saw this as an opportunity to revitalise the company, putting it in an “even stronger position to deliver top-quality content” as Reid took the reins. 

Reid explained: “The change in CEO was a massively significant move for the company, especially considering that our outgoing CEO, Sean St John, had been with the business since its inception so I certainly felt like I had big shoes to fill. 

“With that in mind, I also wanted to bring my own management style to the 1X2 Network, which seems to have gone down well with the team and is driving us into the next chapter of our success story.”

As a change of personnel highlighted a key moment in 1×2 Network’s year, Reid also expressed the significance of another reshuffle for expanding the company’s ambitions throughout 2022.

He continued: “The appointment of Alex Ratcliffe as CPO part way through the year represented further expansion of the 1X2 Network leadership team. It also saw the streamlining of our roadmap and game development process, putting us in an even stronger position from which to deliver consistent, top-quality igaming content.”

In addition to expanding its leadership, 1×2 Network expanded its global presence through a number of new partnerships and market entries. Reid described that thorough development was a “key goal” for the company at the start of the year, wishing to invest in its people and guide the firm to a position where it is “easily scalable”. 

Commenting on the prioritisation of expansion, Reid stated: “A core driver of this strategy was our commercial expansion, which was achieved by both aggregating further third-party studios to broaden our content offering, as well as reaching new markets such as Romania and Ontario with our proprietary content from our 1X2gaming and Iron Dog Studio subsidiaries, further broadening our horizons. 

“A current core goal for 1X2 Network is to become one of the most widely distributed suppliers despite our relatively small operational size, as well as to move ever closer to a full launch in the US. 

“The team has made great strides towards both of these goals in 2022, especially when it comes to partnerships and market-based expansion.”

Focusing on the company’s subsidiary slot suppliers, Reid placed 1x2gaming and Iron Dog Studios at the heart of the company’s progression through the past year, supporting the use of in-house studios as a way to stay creative. 

Reid said: “Our production studio brands remain at the core of what we do at 1X2 Network. Creating great games for our network is our prime focus and mission-critical to the wider business. 

“The benefit of in-house game studios is the freedom to adapt and create game concepts, themes and mechanics to suit specific markets and demographics, and to cater as best as possible to the needs of our clients and their players respectively.”

With 2023 just around the corner, the 1×2 CEO expressed his excitement in approaching the new year as the supplier hopes to provide a “powerful portfolio” to enhance, and increase, its affiliate relationships.

“We’re immensely excited for the new year, and we can’t wait to show our clients, their players and the wider iGaming industry what we’ve got planned,” said Reid.

“A slate of non-traditional iGaming concepts will be added to the 1X2 Network from Q1, and we’ll also see the return of some Iron Dog Studio player favourites. With a powerful product roadmap spanning an array of gaming concepts as well as plans for significant further market expansion, we’re more than set to shoot for the moon in 2023.”