Elys Game Tech teams-up with US Integrity amid expansion prep

US Integrity has disclosed a further expansion of its services after pulling back the curtain on what is dubbed as “a comprehensive partnership” with Elys Game Technology.

This will see the sports betting integrity monitoring, reporting and analytics firm supply its event monitoring, market intelligence and fraud prevention services across all of Elys’ US facing operations.

Matthew Holt, USI’s CEO & co-founder, explained: “US Integrity is proud to partner with Elys Game Technology and assist them with integrity monitoring. 

“US Integrity’s mission is to provide a conflict-free, best-in-class insights & compliance solutions to our clients. We are looking forward to working with the exceptional team at Elys Game Technology and their expansion strategy throughout North America as the market continues to evolve. 

“All of our partners are committed to the highest integrity standards, and Elys’ commitment is no exception. These types of partnerships help ensure sports betting integrity and strengthen the unique & proprietary anomaly-detection tools we have developed at US Integrity.”

USI’s reporting, analytics and education aim to aid customers in ensuring the highest integrity in the regulated sports betting industry, with the customisable suite focused on intelligence and monitoring, fraud prevention, education and consulting services.

USI will provide integrity monitoring services via its proprietary dashboard to Elys Game Technology, with the group to conduct analysis across dozens of data sets to identify any potential irregular sports wagering-related patterns.

“We are very pleased to be engaged with US Integrity as we prepare to expand throughout the North American regulated sports betting market in 2023,” commented Michele Ciavarella, Executive Chair of Elys Game Technology.

“We expect that our partnership with US Integrity could give us the ability to identify possible betting abnormalities in real time, and enable potentially suspicious wagering activity to be identified immediately, creating a safe and engaging betting environment for our patrons as we implement our vision throughout the massive restaurant and bar market in the fast-evolving regulated US sports betting market.”