RAW iGaming purchases Green Jade Games portfolio

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RAW iGaming has announced it has purchased the full arcade games portfolio of Green Jade Games.

The purchase follows the recent announcement by Green Jade Group CEO Ben McDonagh that the group would be closing down its online games studio.

Through the deal, RAW will obtain Green Jade Games titles such as Candy Prize Big, Galaxy Wing and Jade Puzzle.

Tom Wood, CEO at RAW iGaming, stated: “Adding Green Jade Games’ innovative arcade-style games to the recently purchased Spigo casual platform will increase the size of our games portfolio and will give our arcade players more skill-based entertainment options.

“RAW likes to innovate where innovation is lacking and adding Green Jade’s games supports us in this mission by turning the neglected segment of casual gaming into an exciting opportunity.

“It is RAW’s vision to create innovative games and products that combat industry monotony and bring new ideas and gameplay to the market. It’s time to make another game segment shine.”

As previously mentioned, McDonagh recently announced that the group would be closing down its online games studio.

In a LinkedIn statement, the Green Jade Group CEO noted the group was ceasing operations for the studio as it was never able to find a hit game. 

Commenting on the deal with RAW iGaming, McDonagh said: “RAW, similar to Green Jade Games, is interested and invested in delivering new gaming experiences for players and challenging the existing commodity of games.

“We are happy that these phenomenal Green Jade Games have found the perfect home and we wish RAW the very best of luck in their quest.”