idPair launches universal self-exclusion program in four US states

Image: Shutterstock

US-based responsible gambling advocates’ outcry for a multi-jurisdictional, self-exclusion program may have been answered by idPair‘s National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

Announced on Tuesday, June 18, the tech company took the first steps towards making cross-border self-exclusion a reality. The company revealed that the NHVSEP will be coming to four states: Tennessee, Michigan, Iowa and Colorado.

“For the first time ever, individuals seeking a wider level of protection can self-exclude from multiple states in a streamlined fashion,” said idPair CEO Jonathan Aiwazian.

Each aforementioned state currently offers its own individual process to provide self-exclusion for gamblers experiencing harm, but these can often present several barriers to be accomplished, such as in-person meetings and notarization. 

With the NVSEP, users can take advantage of a free online notary and submit a form that will self-exclude them from all four states, with idPair assuring that more states will be onboarded in the future.

Aiwazian added: “While today we announce our ability to provide free assistance with self-exclusion in each of these 4 states, more jurisdictions are on the way, as we accelerate toward our goal of removing barriers for people seeking protection across all gambling jurisdictions and products.” 

Within the announcement, idPair did state that, while these states are available, the initiative does not consist of an official relationship between regulators in the state and the NVSEP.