It is a little over a week until the online and casino gaming sectors begin pouring themselves into London’s ExCeL by the thousand for annual ICE Totally Gaming beano.

As around 30,000 visitors prepare to head to London’s Docklands, CasinoBeats has been talking to some ICE veterans about their tips to get the most out of three days at the sector’s biggest event.

Following advice from Charlotte Farr of Colossus Bets earlier this week, now we turn to the Isle of Man and Microgaming, who offer added value in the form of not one but two sets of advice.

First up is Kimberley Broad, head of compliance at Microgaming, who will be at her sixth ICE in February.

  1. Pack smart: Once ICE kicks off you will struggle to find the time to go to the shops to buy something you have forgotten. So make sure you have everything you need before setting off.
  2. Eat smart: Ensure that important meetings are scheduled well in advance so you can work around them. Lunch meetings work well so you actually remember to eat. Failing that, a cereal bar in your bag helps when the hunger kicks in!
  3. Preparation is everything: Opening time on day one can result in a large queue. To ensure efficient entry make sure you have printed your entry pass. It also helps to familiarise yourself with the map layout so you know roughly where you need to go. You wouldn’t want to miss your first meeting of the event!
  4. Comfortable footwear: The ExCeL centre is huge and for most of us that sit at desks all week it can be a shock. You will definitely hit the recommended 10,000 steps a day, so wear comfortable footwear.
  5. Stay hydrated: Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, it will help keep you alert through the long days. The Microgaming Bar (N5-220) is a popular meeting spot where you can enjoy a good coffee, or something stronger to end the day!

Kimberley’s colleague Charlie Vernon, Quickfire support manager at Microgaming – like all our contributors – recommends comfortable footwear, among other things.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes: You will be walking miles, so high heels may be a no-no!
  2. Allow enough time: When planning your week, make sure you have good time in between meetings. It takes longer than you think to get anywhere! There is also a possibility that other people will be late to them, so consider scheduling a 40-minute meeting in a one-hour slot.
  3. Don’t forget breakfast: Getting lunch at the show can be a battle. So make sure to have a good breakfast and some vitamins!
  4. Plan your day: Try and have a hit list of stands you want to go to ahead of time. Your plan will probably go out the window, but it’s always good to know where everything is and to have a plan!

Read ICE survival tips from Charlotte Farr, head of business development at Colossus Bets, here.