The Malta Gaming Authority is to sponsor the 2018 edition of iGaming Idol, the competition that recognises top talent in the online gaming industry in Malta.

Joseph Cuschieri, executive chairman of the MGA, the jurisdiction’s gaming regulator, said: “iGaming Idol is an innovative event that recognises talent and promotes the welfare of employees in the igaming sector.

“After doubling the attendance of last year’s event, we look forward to supporting iGaming Idol in its third edition in September 2018.”

Michael Pedersen, iGaming Idol CEO, said: “The MGA has chosen to support iGaming Idol for the third edition. This is an honour as well as a testimonial in itself.”

Pedersen said that the categories will be refined once again in 2018, with a number of surprises planned, and will also promote the event’s Employer of the Year survey.

“In 2018 we plan on consolidating the event and improving it across all aspects,” he explained. “The support off the back of last year’s success has been phenomenal with several sponsors already signing up again and new requests coming in on a daily basis.”

The 2018 edition will take place at the Grand Masters Suite of the Hilton Malta, in St. Julian’s, on September 28.