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The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is to hold a public hearing on Thursday, April 5, to gather evidence and public views on the casino licence renewal for Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, operated in the state by Sands Bethworks.

The hearing, at the Bethlehem Town Hall, will hear written and spoken evidence and opinion as the board begins its five-year review of the Sands Bethlehem licence, in accordance with the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act.

The public hearing is the first in a two-stage process that will include a second hearing in Harrisburg, at a date to be confirmed, where representatives of operator Sands Bethworks will offer oral arguments and where control board members can ask additional questions.

At the renewal hearing, the burden is on the renewal applicant to establish and demonstrate “by clear and convincing evidence, its eligibility and suitability for renewal of the gaming licence.”