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In a wide-ranging advice note published today, the UK Gambling Commission made a number of recommendations to the government relating to land-based and online casino gaming.

The 97-page note made headlines with some key recommendations with regard to stakes for fixed-odds betting terminals, suggesting FOBT slot stakes be limited to £2 and non-slot machines, which includes roulette, be set “at or below £30”.

The Gambling Commission said it would not support the proposal of the National Casino Forum that the cap on gaming machines at “large casinos”, as defined by the 2005 act, be raised from 150 to 500.

“Of the four 2005 act large casinos that are currently open, only one has installed the full complement of 150 gaming machines, which reflects insufficient demand for the full number in the other venues. So, we do not support the NCF proposal,” said the commission.

“The level of any new cap on machines in 2005 act large casinos would need to be based on a proper rationale.”