Wynn staff accused of covering up Steve Wynn misconduct

Copyright: shooter110 / 123RF Stock Photo

Fresh reports have emerged in the US alleging that Wynn Resorts employees, including casino managers, sought to cover up the sexual misconduct of which the company’s founder and former CEO Steve Wynn stands accused.

Overnight, the Wall Street Journal – which broke news of the original alleges against Steve Wynn – published comments from, among others, Angela Saxton, who was employed in a spa at a Wynn property in the 1990s.

Saxton alleges that the day after Steve Wynn had sexually assaulted her, the casino’s head of human resources told her to “keep her mouth shut”. The manager in question, named as Arte Nathan by the WSJ, reportedly declined to comment when approached.

Tiffany Kambouris, a Wynn Resorts salon manager, also raised complaints about Steve Wynn’s behaviour towards women.

“These people are supposed to be handling problems and taking care of it, and they don’t,” she said. “It’s shameful.”

The article also names Jorgen Nielsen, who was artistic director of the Wynn Las Vegas salon in the mid-2000s, as another who raised the issue but whose complaint was kicked into the long grass by management.

“It was always the person’s fault,” Nielsen said. “Nobody really looked into it.”

Approached by the WSJ, an attorney for Steve Wynn said in a statement that the casino mogul “declined to participate in the Wall Street Journal’s reporting because it is clear that the Journal has no intention of treating him fairly.”

The statement slated the allegations as “salacious”.

Wynn Resorts referred questions about the allegations to a special committee of its board, which is investigating the founder’s behaviour. That committee said the board “cares deeply about the safety and well-being” of employees but that it “isn’t appropriate to comment until the investigation, aided by outside counsel, is complete.”