Mobile-focused online gaming company LeoVegas has responded to pressure on UK operators to be aware of the marketing activities of their affiliates by deploying software to boost its oversight.

LeoVegas will use software to manage its compliance with requirements set out by the Advertising Standards Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

The move comes as online gaming companies seek the effective means to ensure they meet compliance requirements and thus protect themselves from punitive measures.

Matthew Curmi, sales and compliance executive for LeoVegas, said that the operator chose the app because it makes it easy for the company to “to constantly monitor and review the ads and marketing materials our affiliates are using.”

“While our goal is to be fully compliant, when an error is found, we can use the app to rapidly reach out to our affiliates about making an immediate correction,” he said.

Roo Wright, CEO and founder of, added: “Our clients use for compliance, as well as to find and manage new opportunities.

“Specifically, enables clients to manage affiliates with a CRM built specifically for that task; identify new opportunities with new and existing affiliates; monitor affiliate activity, including deals and promotional materials; and generate communication and activity reports and automatically create a paper trail.”

An added benefit of is that its implementation helps brands manage their GDPR compliance with regards to affiliate management.