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DAO.Casino is organising an online gaming blockchain “hackathon” at the Malta Blockchain Summit, which takes place this week on the Mediterranean island.

Malta, the self-styled Blockchain Island, welcomes many of the industry’s leading experts, pioneers in decentralisation technologies and representatives from regulatory organisations; including Ian Balina and John McAfee.

The event will consist of three parts: the hackathon, the summit itself and the Malta Blockchain Awards ceremony.

DAO.Casino is a co-organiser of the hackathon and will host a workshop, during which hackathon participants will learn to use the DAO.Casino SDK. They will also learn the basics of decentralised game development with the use of DAO.Casino protocol.

The hackathon features a €50,000 prize pool, as well as several smaller prizes in the following categories: Best DAO.Casino Game, Best DAO.Casino Integration, Best Solution for DAO.Casino Protocol, Best Smart Contract, and Best Visualisation.

The DAO.Casino protocol is based on Ethereum and powered by its smart contracts. All of the transactions and interactions on the platform between players, casino operators, affiliates and game developers are facilitated by smart contracts, a kind of algorithm that eliminates the risk of fraud. It’s implemented in cases where the emphasis on trust is particularly high, such as legal and business contracts.