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European casino content developer and platform provider WeAreCasino is extending its Asia reach thanks to a distribution deal with GMW Global, a leading Asian games developer.

With a land-based casino heritage, GMW Global company has a library of more than 300 slot titles, which will be available to WeAreCasino clients in Europe.

At the same time, GMW will provide WeAreCasino clients with access to its slot platforms, Facebook social gaming applications, Windows download application, Flash, HTML5 and the recently launched native mobile appls for Android and iOS.

Diego Verano, account manager at GMW Asia, said: “GMW has been developing casino
slot games for more than 16 years.

“Through the years we have developed for the brick-and-mortar casino market. The [land-based] slot market is the most demanding and unforgiving, [and] we have a proven track record of high performing games on the casino floors across the Americas.

“GMW has developed more than 300 unique game titles over the years to variety of gaming
platforms. We are proud to announce our integration with WeAreCasino, proving them with 44 game titles in HTML,” said Verano.

“GMW believes that we’ll be adding value to WeAreCasino’s content offering. GMW is committed to providing WeAreCasino with excellent quality service and support to ensure
a successful partnership”.

Christian Maglia, chief commercial officer at WeAreCasino, added: “I’m extremely proud that our content will be distributed in Asia by such an important and well recognised partner like GMW Asia.

“The fresh design and features rich slot games we developed makes me confident we are going to receive the success our products deserve to.”

Marko Jelen, director of sales at WeAreCasino, said: “I’m really excited about the deal we closed with GMW Asia.

“They chose us as a worldwide distributor of their content of more than 300 game titles. I’m pretty sure that the games coming up from a land-based cabinets in LatAm and Asia will get the same appeal also on all other markets including Europe and Middle East”