CasinoBeats Malta: Swintt’s David Flynn looks ahead to London

Swintt, the new entrant into the online B2B casino market that launched earlier this year, was a key sponsor at last month’s inaugural CasinoBeats Malta event. We caught up with David Flynn, Swintt CEO and a moderator at the Malta briefing

CB: How much did you enjoy the panels at the event?

David Flynn: “The panel sessions were very informative. It was good to see a number of challenging questions from both moderators and the audience.

“I always appreciate a conference session that leaves an audience more educated and connected than when they arrived. Both panel sessions achieved this.”

In terms of the search for innovation, what do you think the key takeaways are?

DF: “It’s a very broad subject that we covered in just 45 minutes today. However, the underlying theme is that as a business we must innovate in all parts of the business, not just product.

“Unfortunately we continue to see performing games titles virtually copied by many suppliers in the market space, the industry needs to move away from this and focus on creating a much more immersive and enjoyable experience for our customers. Ultimately we are delivering entertainment to our customers, competing against a wrath of business in the digital entertainment space and we must focus on this in order to keep the share of our customers’ time.

“I always appreciate a conference session that leaves an audience more educated and connected

“I am grateful to the panel members for sharing some of their failures when attempting to innovate also. Its very important that the industry understands that at times, there will be failures, and that’s ok – but let’s take our lessons and move forward.

“Forward momentum is the only thing that is essential for any business and industry to succeed. Innovation is key for forward momentum.

Swintt was a key sponsor of the event in Malta, why did you chose to partner with CasinoBeats at this time?

DF: “Having experience of speaking at the CasinoBeats event in London last year, I feel the CasinoBeats business is aligned in many respects with Swintt’s vision to build eternal relationships with our customers, create sustainable products that exceed their market needs and work in an open culture to share our knowledge so that we may succeed together. Being a relative new-coming to the market, this was an ideal platform for Swintt to first appear on-stage and meet many of our connections in the industry, at the post-panel networking event.”

You moderated at the CasinoBeats Summit last year – are you looking forward to this year’s event in September?

DF: “Yes, absolutely. Even though CasinoBeats was only just launched last year, it was very professionally run and we have positive feedback from the numerous sessions. With a greater focus on casino at this years’ event I envisage a wider audience and deeper subject matter to discuss.

“The online casino industry has many challenges, just like any industry, however we must also focus on the indefinite opportunities that we are not even scratching the surface of.

“I’m sure that this year, I’ll return from CasinoBeats with even more vigour to succeed and help Swintt make a difference in our industry and beyond.”

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