During recent weeks and months CasinoBeats has cast the net far and wide to delve into the world of slots streaming, with affiliates taking their place in the discussions most recently. 

In the latest edition casino and sportsbook affiliate program 7StarsPartners, which operates 15 brands under three licences, takes up the conversation to give its insights into the conversation.

Widely acknowledged as arguably the biggest influencers in the gambling community by many throughout the exchanges, the ability to receive feedback, particularly harsh, can be crucial in improving future games and making them more relevant and more successful.

“7StarsPartners affiliate program works with well-known streamers from across the industry, giving us an audience which covers every corner of the globe. It’s also helping enhance our influence in dynamic markets such as Finland, Norway, Germany, Poland, and across many parts of Asia,” Mary Ivanova, affiliate director at 7StarsPartners, begins by touching upon the direct effect the rise of streamers has on the group.

“Working with streamers has definitely increased our volume of traffic, but has [also] rapidly enhanced our brand awareness. Our relationship with streamers not only helps with acquisition but is great for customer retention too.”

“We are working on providing the most innovative solutions for streamers”

Adding that working directly alongside a streamer could be a distinct possibility at an, as yet, undetermined time in the future: “We are always open to new and fresh ideas and are not afraid to accept new challenges, so maybe one day we will onboard a rising star in the streaming community who will be dedicated to 7StarsPartners brands. I’m sure this would be as much fun and entertainment for us as it would be for our customers.”

However, when utilising streamers and their ever growing platform, what techniques can be utilised to ensure differentiation, a key operational facet across the gaming ecosystem: “We are working on providing the most innovative solutions for streamers such as unique bonuses with free spins, promo-codes, and exclusive rights on our latest product promotions,” Ivanova says.

“For example, for the Nordic market, we recently launched the innovative new brand, Frumzi. Streamers are hugely popular in the region and have proven great entertainment for users – and with single registration, along with instant depositing and withdrawal tools, it’s greatly influenced player acquisition. 

“With numerous popular streamers promoting our projects we’ve reached a variety of different players across countless thriving markets.”           

As the streaming community as a whole continues to rise, the collaboration between igaming and streaming has also never been more intertwined and is one which grows closer by the week and month.

In the light of such increases in popularity, Ivanova changes tack to look at what else companies could, or perhaps should, be doing to advertise to a new generation of tech savvy players: “With every new brand launch, we add new and unique features which make our products as attractive to customers as possible. 

“We aim to keep users interested from the moment they register until the end of the gaming experience, as this is what creates fans rather than customers. This focus has worked effectively on all our brands and our growing number of visitors on projects such as Wazamba and Nomini have shown how effectively our model works.”

Our relationship with streamers not only helps with acquisition but is great for customer retention too”

Before returning to the top at hand and address what she believes that future holds for streaming both in the current climate and beyond: “Streaming’s popularity continues to grow, and we consistently see new faces on Twitch and YouTube.

“Forward-thinking companies understand that streamers are one of the best ways to ensure entertainment for casino players, and this interaction in turn helps the promotion of our products. 

“Due to the COVID-19 lockdown many players are seeking interaction, and that need for a fun and exciting connection means that entertaining streamers will always be popular.”

To conclude, Ivanova turns attention to marketing techniques and the potential effects of the imposition of added restrictions driven by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic: “As a leading casino and sportsbook affiliate program, 7StarsPartners operates 15 brands under three licences: Curacao, MGA and SGA. 

“New restrictions implemented on bonus and deposit limits due to the impact of СOVID-19 have had a minor influence on brands in the region such as YoYoCasino.se and Campobet.se, though ultimately, any new restrictions imposed on the markets in which we operate have not really affected our player numbers. 

“With responsible and fair gambling having always been at the core of our business model, our marketing strategy hasn’t had to change at all.”