The key to building strong relationships is honesty and transparency, Andrey Akimov – chief operations officer of N1 Partners Group – told CasinoBeats as he outlined the innovations within the affiliate space that he believes will capture the industry’s attention in 2022.

CasinoBeats: For those who might not know, can you tell us a bit about N1 Partners Group?

AA: N1 Partners Group is a team of professionals who are, first and foremost, passionate about their work. We have launched and are actively developing eight projects: N1 Casino, Joo Casino, Dasist Casino, Slot Hunter, Fight Club, Joo Sports, N1 Bet, N1 Bet Nigeria. 

As you can guess from the names of the projects, our central focus is gambling and betting. Each project is unique and no one project is more important than any other. We are equally invested in developing and upgrading all of them to provide the user with the best experience.

Andrey Akimov, Chief Operations Officer of N1 Partners Group

CasinoBeats: In your opinion, what particular innovations within the affiliate space do you believe will capture the industry’s attention? 

AA: In any partnership or industry, transparency of information and honest interaction will always come first. Our advantage lies not only in the fact that we carefully analyse traffic, but also in the fact that we are ready to share this information with our partners – working together to improve performance. The result is profit growth for both parties. This is very scrupulous work, and our top teams are providing it:

  • Affiliation team – responsible for direct work with partners and establishing trusting relationships;
  • Retention team – focused on retaining players, providing projects with activities, and increasing the attractiveness of the casino for players;
  • VIP retention team – works individually with the VIP players;
  • Call centre – collects feedback from the players, helps them resolve issues, and encourages them to return to the game;
  • Product team – constantly analyses the products, works on their technical improvement, simplifies the interaction between the player and the product.

All this, together with the transparency of information and honest business conduct, gives our partners the most important thing – a sense of security and confidence in their future with us.

CasinoBeats: What role can platforms such as Twitch play in the development of the online casino affiliation? Will this be the new battleground for affiliates? 

AA: Such platforms for streaming have long gained popularity, showing a relatively high quality of traffic. Therefore, of course, the development of partnerships on this basis is inevitable. Moreover, it promises to be very fruitful.

CasinoBeats: Where do you see the industry heading in the next five years? 

AA: In the ever-changing market environment, the best foundation for stable success is working with a white license and entering regulated markets. Crypto has also shown itself to be another promising development.

The situation with local regulation is gradually tightening. This is a fact. So entering the white, or regulated, markets will contribute to the free development of business.

CasinoBeats: And finally, what can we expect from N1 Partners Group in 2022?

AA: N1 Partners Group is a progressive team that never stands still. In 2022, you can expect launches of ambitious new products from us. I hope for loud victories in various categories, participation in multiple exhibitions and conferences, and crazy-high activity on our projects!