Danish gambling witnesses igaming and betting declines through Q1

Image: Shutterstock

Gross gaming revenue across Danish gambling has witnessed an increase across the first three months of the year, driven by its gaming machines and land-based casinos segments that were closed due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts during the past year.

Revenue through January to March came in at DKK 1.575bn (£178.15m), which comes in at a 20 per cent uptick year-on-year from DKK 1.3bn (£147m).

“The figures show that the gambling spend on betting and online casino has fallen compared to the same period last year,” the Danish regulator, Spillemyndigheden, noted. 

“On the other hand, the gambling spend on gaming machines and land-based casino has increased compared to the same period last year, since the latter gambling sectors were affected by lockdowns in connection with COVID-19 in March 2021.” 

Online casino took the lion’s share of GGR through Q1 after coming at DKK 702m (£79.41m), dropping 2.5 per cent YoY from DKK 720m (£81.45m) due declines in both February and March.

January witnessed a 1.4 per cent uptick in igaming GGR to DKK 261m (£29.52m) from DKK 258m (£29.18m), however the following two dropped 1.6 per cent to DKK 214m (2021: DKK 218m) and 7.4 per cent to DKK 226m (2021: DKK 244m), respectively.

Denmark’s betting division also recorded a downfall in GGR through Q1 as falling figures in February and March failed to offset a stellar start to the year. Three month GGR declined 3.7 per cent to DKK 567m (£64.14m) from DKK 589m (£66.63m).

The year began with a 10.5 per cent increase recorded as revenue closed the month as DKK 228m (2021: DKK 207m), which was followed by a pair of decreases of 17 per cent to DKK 184m (2021: DKK 221m) and 3.7 per cent to DKK 155m (2021: DKK 161m).

Elsewhere, gaming machines, which boasts locations in arcades and restaurants, and land-based casinos reported GGR of DKK 241m (27.24m) and DKK 65m (£7.34m). 

For the former, January, February and March brought DKK 22m (£2.48m), DKK 109m (£12.32m) and DKK 110m (£12.43m), while for retail gaming establishments those figures are zero, DKK 31m (£3.5m) and DKK 34m (£3.84m).