Celebrating six years of SYNOT Games, Chief Commercial Officer Martina Hrabinska looks back on the company’s highlights and outlines some of the plans for the next 12 months as the games developer continues to expand its international footprint.

2021 was an extremely busy and successful year for SYNOT Games. We kicked off the year with great news – we obtained the UKGC licence and entered the UK market, distributed our content portfolio in the German market and well-established markets such as Italy, Portugal, Romania, etc. through our partners operating there, leveraging the many opportunities we have out there. But it is important for us to maintain a stable position as a top provider in Slovakia and Czech Republic, our domestic markets.

Our game portfolio now boasts over 90 titles, with at least one-two games being developed per month. A lot of thought and effort went into their creation as they combine innovative concepts with different themes and designs, high-resolution graphics, and a rich array of in-game features such as variations of game volatility, an assortment of bonus wilds, multiplier symbols, the Hold and Win feature, not to mention the integration of our progressive bonus.

At SYNOT Games, we have a clear path ahead of us. We will continue to focus on regulated markets and maintain compliance throughout our operations. 

Our aim remains to continuously strive for industry standards showcasing product and technical excellence and powerful collaborations. So, networking and keeping up with our partners is an essential part of our business. 

Two exciting markets have a prominent position in our roadmap for this year – Bulgaria and Switzerland. These are regions to keep an eye on because the SYNOT Games logo will soon pop up much more often in these quarters.  

The SYNOT Games slot development roadmap for the first half of 2022 has been announced and there’s plenty of great content to look forward to – new themes and sequels of our top performers, like Respin Joker.  We are already unpacking a fantastic range of new games every month with still more to come. 

We are also expecting to see many more customers offering our content with an integrated SYNOT Progressive Bonus as we continue to integrate our proprietary bonus tool with their platforms. Plus, we have some surprises for our customers and players in the shape of holiday-themed slots, one launching very soon. 

We are about to launch a new Hold and Win feature, which has recently become very popular among slot lovers of all types. Hold and Win is regarded as one of the more accessible features and it’s equally appealing to fans of traditional games and those who prefer modern releases.

In the coming months, players can look forward to another hot news item in our portfolio, Buy Feature. This option is exciting from the perspective that it lets gamers play the bonus at any time and furthermore, gives them an opportunity to chase huge prizes whenever they feel like doing so.

Our focus for this year is to stand out in a crowded digital space and strive for new ways to truly be distinguished. We plan the team growth as well, not just in a product department but across the whole company. 

This year we celebrate the 6th year anniversary of SYNOT Games and it’s unbelievable to see that from just a small group of e-gaming enthusiasts we have grown into a team of 140 experts.