Holland Casino witnesses land-based revival in H1 report

Land-based has experienced a revival across the Netherlands as Holland Casino reports post-COVID recovery to its 14 branches.

Land-based experienced a revival across the Netherlands as Holland Casino reported a post-COVID recovery to its 14 branches. 

Publishing its interim report for H1 2022, revenue from January to June totalled €353.4m, with 23.4 per cent (€82.8m) of this stemming from its Holland Casino Online division.

Moreover, the company’s EBITDA was €40m, with profit before tax at €8.2m. However, the company noted that this performance was due to the easing of pandemic restrictions, which were in place during January and February earlier this year. 

“Fortunately, our loyal guests have found Holland Casino again en masse,” commented Noël Leise, Holland Casino Director of Operations. “Our committed employees do everything they can to ensure that they have a great time at Holland Casino.”

Holland Casino’s H1 2022 revenue exceeded the total group-wide earnings for the entirety of 2021, attributing the expansion of the Dutch online gambling market as one of its factors. 

Closing its accounts last year, the casino recorded revenue of €304.2m, a nine per cent decline on 2020 figures of €333m, although the strength of its online operations was beginning to show with Holland Casino Online accounting for a fifth of total digital turnover.

In comparison to the first six months of this year, revenue represented a 14 per cent increase on the whole of 2020 trading.  

The strength of Holland Casino’s performance comes after the provider lost its position as the only supplier of online games of chance within the Netherlands region as 11 new licensees entered the market following its opening in October of last year. 

Just two months after the implementation of the KOA Act and the awarding of the first 10 licences, Dutch Gaming Authority’s Chairman, Rene Jensen, observed that the online market “is larger than we previously thought” – the initial turnover figure was revised by authorities from €580m to €814m. 

The impact of its H1 performance has resulted in Holland Casino being able to pay off €51.7m of its €313.4m of tax debt accrued during the pandemic. 

“We also see that our online guests continue to appreciate our offer despite the increasing competition,” Leise continued on H1 2022 performance.

“We therefore expect a positive year for Holland Casino. Of course, that still depends on the Corona developments in the autumn and how quickly we can have enough employees in the tight labour market. 

“But these half-year figures again form a promising basis. In the coming six months, we will continue to build a stable, responsible and future-proof company with renewed energy.”