Gordon Moody, Better Change & Mindway AI unite to tackle harms

Image: Shutterstock

A trio of responsible gambling focused organisations have united in a bid to deliver an enhanced degree of protection and support to the industry through the formation of a global network.

This will see Gordon Moody, which drove the creation, Better Change and Mindway AI provide support on responsible gambling for players and operators amid an ambition of becoming a one stop shop for industry stakeholders regarding gambling related harm.

”Demand for our services has risen significantly this year with applications rising by 123 per cent, demonstrating that we are committed to tackling gambling addiction together and ensuring our service users access the right treatment, in the right place, at the right time,” commented Matthew Hickey, CEO of Gordon Moody.

“Working in partnership is absolutely crucial for Gordon Moody in being able to grow our services and meet the demand of those needing treatment and support.

“We see collaborating with dynamic organisations such as Mindway AI and Better Change as the way forward to increase the focus on responsible gambling and those who need help.”

One aspect of this, which is labelled as a “key part,” will be a customisable online learning platform that will be designed for operators to utilise with staff.

“Working with like-minded organisations is something Better Change have always prided themselves on,” noted Victoria Reed, Better Change Founder.

“We believe that to really impact individuals and make gambling as safe as possible for all, collaboration is key. 

“The decades of experience Gordon Moody has in treating gambling harm, coupled with the expert technology and innovation from Mindway AI, is perfectly complemented with Better Change’s consultancy and industry experience, allowing us to truly deliver tangible change in the industry and we can’t wait to grow and develop a global network.”

Furthermore, bespoke modules will be available, as well as a range of lessons that will be translatable into different languages, amid a view of continuously evolving and developing via collaboration. 

Rasmus Kjaergaard, Mindway AI CEO, added: “We see industry collaboration between different types of organisations as a critical part of our mission to empower gambling operators to enhance player protection. 

“This is the exact reason why we agreed to join this global network initiative, adding our sophisticated RG solutions and services to the network. 

“At Mindway AI, we urge all industry parties to collaborate on enhancing player protection rather than to compete on this important field.”