Slotegrator COO Dmytro Taran talks in more detail about the firm’s new platform; how it’s taken shape and, among other things, how operators can use it to take greater control and customise the frontend of their offer.   

CasinoBeats: You launched your new platform earlier this year. Can you tell us more about what it does for operators and why you introduced it into the market?

Dmytro Taran: Slotegrator’s new platform is a universal online tool for any entrepreneur who decides to open a casino or betting website. It is the embodiment of 10 years of experience in working with our clients, as well as our personal vision of what a modern B2B product in the gambling niche should be.

Also, one of the most important reasons to release a new platform is that we are moving to a new technology stack on a microservice architecture — as a technologically advanced company, the drive to keep up with the times is in our DNA.

CB: What are the key features of the new platform — and what improvements have been made to make it easier to use?

DT: There are several strong features to focus on. Firstly, there’s the business intelligence module, which allows operators to make informed business decisions based on hard data in real time instead of relying on guesswork or intuition.

Then, there’s the KYC module, an invaluable tool for licence acquisition and compliance. The improved bonus module is fully customizable and includes the ability to organise tournaments and races for players. 

One of the features we’re the most excited about — and that we’ve gotten the most positive feedback on — is the casino builder module (with a separate open API capability), which lets operators manage their casino’s frontend without having to contact the software provider.

The simple tools and ready-made templates make it easy for operators to execute the frontend they’re envisioning without having to go through a developer to get there. And, of course, there’s our new anti-fraud module, which helps operators head off potential scammers and minimise their risk exposure, but I’ll expand on that more in a minute. 

CB: What’s been the market response to the new platform — what feedback have you had?

DT: The longer it’s out there, the better the response is getting. The positive feedback started pouring in as soon as we began transferring clients to the updated platform, especially when it comes to the super-convenient casino builder module.

Giving operators complete control over their platform’s frontend really seems to spark some enthusiasm. We’ve also heard a lot of great noise about the anti-fraud and business intelligence modules, which are doing wonders to help operators fight fraud and make informed business decisions, respectively. 

CB: How important is it for operators to have complete control over their frontend and why?

DT: It is crucial to understand that for operators, the frontend is the face of their product. The more opportunities operators have to customise their frontend, the easier it is for them to set up a customer-oriented B2C business.

Important metrics such as user conversion and retention often largely depend on the platform’s frontend. For operators, having a convenient frontend management tool at their disposal is the key to new audiences, happier customers, and hence higher turnover and GGR.

CB: The new platform incorporates an anti-fraud module — can you explain more about how it works and the ways in which it will benefit operators?

DT: Let’s start with the fact that we are implementing a new anti-fraud concept, which is much broader than the well-known multi-accounting approach. The way we see it, each bettor or casino player should have his information accumulated into a personal ‘risk data portfolio’. This means that the actions and behaviour of the player are collected and analysed separately by different algorithms. 

For example, a player may exhibit suspicious behaviour but at the same time be completely clean on the issue of financial fraud. All 10+ risk factors are displayed separately — and what to do with one or another category of suspicious players is up to the operator to decide. Of course, operators are also able to automate the process. The result: fewer scammers, a cleaner reputation, and higher profits.

CB: Is this the end stage for the platform in its current guise, or are there plans to make further improvements and add extra features?

DT: The platform and its individual modules have no end-stage in development, they’re constantly making progress — both functionally and technically. This is really just the beginning.

In the near future, we are expecting powerful innovations such as artificial business intelligence, an intuitive A/B tester inside the casino front builder, our personal affiliate program, and much, much more. Keep your eye on us!