ID card concept
Image: Shutterstock

Flows has partnered with digital identity company Yoti to utilise its digital ID app and identity verification technology on its integration and automation platform for identity checks.

As a digital identity firm, Yoti provides global verification solutions, including identity and age verification, age estimation, e-signing and authentication.

Under the terms of the deal, Yoti’s Digital ID app and Identity Verification technology are now fully integrated into Flow’s platform, meaning gaming operators can enhance their customer experience whilst mitigating fraud and meeting compliance requirements with robust identity verifications.

“We’re delighted to offer our leading Digital ID app and Identity Verification technology on the Flows platform. Both solutions can be quickly and easily integrated – helping more businesses to unlock the power of digital identity, and benefit from fast, simple and robust identity checks,” commented Robin Tombs, CEO at Yoti.

“Businesses can offer both of our solutions to give customers choice in how they prove their identity – making identity checks more accessible and inclusive.”

Earlier this month, Flows agreed to a deal with Golden Whale, combining its integration and automation technology with the data science firm’s advanced data technology, giving customers “easy access” to data-science tools to help them make “better-informed decisions”.

“At Flows, we are constantly striving to ensure that we provide our customers the most agnostic solution out there so that we can continue to offer our partners and customers the power of choice of who they work with and how they work by orchestrating seamlessly between systems through Flows,” added James King, CEO of Flows.

“Through this new partnership with Yoti, we can now instantly provide our customers with easy access to leading identity verification technology so that they are able to provide fast customer verification on-demand instantly improving the overall KYC process.“