DeepCI rebrands to PartnerMatrix Intelligence for all-in-one platform

Image: Shutterstock

Under the PartnerMatrix brand, DeepCI has rebranded to PartnerMatrix Intelligence to create an all-in-one affiliate management and data tracking platform.

The platform will combine PartnerMatrix Intelligence’s advanced data tracking and analysis capabilities with its affiliate and agent management systems to offer an all-in-one solution to affiliate and operator customers.

PartnerMatrix Intelligence can be accessed by customers both within the PartnerMatrix platform and as a standalone option. DeepCI Co-Founder Lewis Civin is now the Chief Product Officer for PartnerMatrix and will work with the platform’s CEO, Vahe Khalatyan.

Khalatyan commented: “At PartnerMatrix we never stand still, and we are always looking at ways to enhance our customer offering. The integration of PartnerMatrix Intelligence into the wider PartnerMatrix offering is the logical continuation of our mission to provide our customers with a complete, all-in-one affiliate solution accessed from one source.

“Now, equipped with a powerful data analytics and optimisation tool accessed via PartnerMatrix, our customers can take their brands to even higher levels, managing, tracking and analysing all their activities, their competitors and key trends across millions of data points empowering them to make instant decisions to drive further efficiencies and maximise revenues.”

PartnerMatrix offers a comprehensive affiliate and agent management multi-brand system with real-time data “enabling affiliate managers to create, manage, track and analyse their programs from one, easy-to-use location”. The company helped to connect 170,000 affiliates to its brand partners in 2023-24.

“PartnerMatrix Intelligence, formerly, has established itself as a ‘must-have’ data management tool for affiliate managers,” added Civin.

“Today we’re officially joining forces with the most powerful affiliate management platform on the market in PartnerMatrix so we can now uniquely present brands and affiliates with all the financial data they need plus the ‘why,’ pinpointing the precise pages anywhere in the world that bring brands the most first-time depositors.

“PartnerMatrix Intelligence has access to every traffic insight that matters so we can give you the why behind FTDs, where you’re best performing and where you could do more, enabling brands and affiliates to take instant, actionable decisions. This combination simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

Recently, SBC News’ Jessie Sale spoke to Civin and Khalatyan about the DeepCI and PartnerMatrix link-up and the future compliance plans it has to help operators manage regulatory requirements across jurisdictions.