Matchbook has launched a new cash-out slot title, Fortunes of Arabia, built in partnership with Colossus Bets , which is renowned for its groundbreaking cash-out gaming products.

Fortunes of Arabia enables players to decide if they want to gamble or cash out as they progress towards the game’s big jackpot, bringing Colossus’ patented Cash Out technology to slots players.

The technology allows players to bank profits in fractions after each reel resolves, instead of facing the traditional “all or nothing” scenario that most slots present.

It is the second Cash Out slot to be co-created by Colossus following on from the success of the Colossus Fracpot, which achieved phenomenal engagement figures, with 91 per cent of players who were offered a cash-out accepting the offer in part or full.

Danielle Wiseman, brand manager of Matchbook said: “Matchbook is committed to
delivering the latest innovation in gaming to its customers, and we’re very pleased to offer
the latest innovation from Colossus – their new cash-out slot, Fortunes of Arabia.”

Charlotte Farr, head of business development of Colossus Bets, added: “We are excited to
extend our relationship with Matchbook with the addition of cash-out content to their
casino offering.

“Our technology has long been established as an engaging mechanism in sports betting, but we welcome the opportunity to showcase its relevance and power in new product verticals.”