Jane Ryan, chief operating officer of B2B at Nektan, analyses the current state of the platform landscape, and how those offering engaging content at speed are thriving.

Today’s online casino industry is jam-packed with platform providers, all jostling for position to make themselves heard.

Dominating the landscape are these so-called ‘one stop’ solutions, following a spate of consolidation within the industry. From the outlook, it may seem like these global juggernauts cannot be beaten in terms of their complete offering, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead, the rise of smaller and more nimble providers that are now flooding into the marketplace are beginning to make a big impact.

“Speed is becoming an increasingly important factor”

For an operator looking to expand its gaming portfolio and improve the back-end office, finding the right partner can leave some scratching their head, given the vast array of options now available in the marketplace.

But what exactly are the best options out there in the market, and why are these smaller providers gaining traction?

Fast-moving approach

The igaming industry is moving at such a pace, with more territories introducing regulatory frameworks, providing operators an opportunity to grow their businesses on a wider scale.

Whether you’re aiming to make a head start on the competition in a new market, or looking to integrate the newest games released, speed is becoming an increasingly important factor.  

Drawn-out bureaucratic corporate processes, something which is impacting the big-name platform providers given the increased size of their multiple departments, is inevitably leading to processes becoming longer and integrations often lasting months rather than weeks.

“It’s imperative that platforms maintain the highest standards possible across every aspect”

However, those that have the ability to provide quick integrations and service adjustment timings will certainly be an attractive proposition for operators in the long term, ultimately delivering an improved bottom line while others wait impatiently for their provider to make the necessary steps.

Socially responsible

As a consumer-facing industry, it’s imperative that platforms maintain the highest standards possible across every aspect. That means ensuring that the end user is always protected, while also complying with each jurisdiction’s legal requirements.

Most of these new-breed platform providers are being born into an environment where social responsibility is of a high priority, meaning they have all the necessary procedures in place to deal with incoming regulatory changes.

Content really is king

The familiar saying that ‘content is king’ really does speak volumes within our industry. The quality of games available to end users is what will attract them in the first place, as well as keep them engaged for the long term.

What’s also important is that a platform’s content portfolio contains a mix of themes and styles. With a growing number of jurisdictions opening their doors to online gaming, not all releases will appeal to the masses and so access to wide range of game studios is important. The industry’s biggest slot suppliers continue to broaden their reach, which is benefiting more niche platforms, providing them with the content they need to succeed.

The abundance of platform providers operating in the online casino industry shows no signs of letting up. Cutting through the noise and finding the right partner may seem difficult at first, but those who can manoeuvre quickly with premium content will be the ones that fit the bill.