CasinoBeats talks to Betby CEO Leonid Pertcovskii about the challenges faced as a newer provider, and how flexible technology could hold the key to cross-selling sports betting to online casino players.

CasinoBeats: Sportsbooks and casinos have been treated as separate entities for some time. What do the two differing arms of gaming have in common from a supplier standpoint?

Leonid PertcovskiiPlenty of operators who work in online gambling offer both casino and sportsbook options, but rarely do they try and align their products. These are the clear two main verticals of growth for any B2C online gambling business, depending on the regulatory landscape. 

However, not a lot of operators try to cross-sell between their casino and sportsbook operations, even under one B2C umbrella. More often than not, each vertical is handled by a completely separate team. 

This isn’t necessarily down to a lack of desire from an operator, but a perceived lack of tools or facilitates to cross sell. It is possible, for example, to convert customers acquired during the big summer football tournaments, like the upcoming Euros, into a casino player, with clever bonusing, or convert a roulette player, who enjoys quick gameplay and fast results, into a tennis player by showcasing similarly fast markets, with even quicker turnaround than roulette.

CB: As a recent market entrant, how does having proprietary technology allow for greater collaboration with partners?

LP: It allows us to have a greater amount of flexibility. While plenty of companies discuss flexibility as a vital aspect of their business plan, it can be easy to be restricted by third-party infrastructure. 

Having our own technology has allowed us to create a highly-agile platform which can be quickly integrated with our partners.

Equally as important is the attitude of our team. They really believe in collaboration and creating customer-friendly products, so they go the extra mile to deliver a service and platform that they know will achieve our customers business aims. 

CB: Are technological upgrades allowing the cross-sell process to become easier and easier?

LP: With the flexibility and speed of integration in modern technology, cross-selling can be as easy as pushing a button. From signing the contract to a fully-functional production environment, it can sometimes take less than a day. Without legacy technology or bolting on a number of different providers into a service, the entire process can be streamlined. 

Our proprietary technology, created in-house, allows the cross-sell process to be as straightforward as possible, whilst giving our partners a top-quality product. We will never say to a client that our integration timeframe is 6-12 months, as our platform is so agile we can be flexible around a customer’s needs, and in an ever changing world where speed is everything, it is vital.

CB: Betby has a number of innovations that aren’t just aimed at sportsbook, such as its widgets. Are tools like this vital in growing a business across a number of verticals?

LP: Betby prides itself on providing more than just a simple sportsbook. We offer a full end-to-end sportsbook solution, including full sportsbook management, promotion and bonusing management, risk-management, new market regulatory support, full sportsbook BI-support, as well as our latest widgets.

Operators can use these tools on their casino landing pages, sportsbook sites, affiliate websites and so on, depending on their business preferences. This allows for an easily visible cross-sell option to entitle partners to a smoother promotion of their sportsbook product. 

The widgets mean that our partners can accept a sports bet on any part of their operational umbrella, not just the specific page on their sportsbook website. We aim to make the user experience as smooth as possible, and these are just a few examples of how we go above and beyond to give our operators the support and tools they need. 

With an increasingly interconnected world, where players are prioritising easy access and a smooth user experience, being able to offer a complete gaming solution, with sports betting and slots sitting side by side need not be a difficult solution. Betby’s scalable, flexible solution can give casino operators a product with unparalleled speed-to-market and tailored to suit their needs.