4ThePlayer’s shark infested slot
claims SlotBeats’ Slot of the Week

4ThePlayer’s new shark infested waters slot title 6 Wild Sharks has emerged to the surface to claim SlotBeats’ Slot of the Week

This six-reel, 4,096 ways slot, which is tailored to the wants and needs of the player, includes the wild choice feature which allows players to choose where to place locked wilds. The game includes two wild zones, marked on reels one, two and five, six. In these zones, shark wilds and locked wilds can only exist in these segments.

Speaking on the games launch, Andrew Porter, CEO of 4ThePlayer.com, commented: “6 Wild Sharks really puts you in control of the action, allowing you to configure the volatility of the bonus to exactly how you want it, with over 14,500 different configurations.”

Furthermore, the title comes with two modes, classic and advanced, the latter is not enabled in the UK. In the advanced mode, players can add locked wilds into the wild zones on the base game using the wild choice feature.

During this round, players can tap symbols in the wild zones to create locked wilds. As locked wilds are added or removed, costs for other locked wilds may change with each one being priced differently depending on the position of the symbol and number of locked wilds on other reels. 

Players can trade free spins for locked wilds, in the free spins round, by clicking on the reels – the more wilds the fewer spins but the more volatile the experience. The player can add up to six locked wilds, going down to one super volatile free spin if they choose.   

The game includes a Big Reel Portrait Mode which, when playing on mobile in portrait, enlarges the reels, stacks them on top of each other and spins them right to left and pays top to bottom. The mode attempts to maximise the visual experience on mobile without altering the game experience.

The game has an RTP of 96.5 per cent, 97 per cent in advanced mode, with a high volatility in place.