Last week the introduction of was documented as the new online casino affiliate promised to deliver on a belief that igaming players worldwide deserve a higher standard of entertainment.

Stressing a belief that part of the casino experience should reflect “all the fun and action one can expect from an online casino today,” the perfect platform was pledged for those with interests in slot machines, blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

The Swedish owned site is targeting global success via partnerships already inked with “major online casino operators and casino games suppliers, which are to come to the fore in due course.

“Well, it was (actually) not in our plan to encounter a pandemic, even though the timing is quite good cynically spoken,” Clas Dahlén, CEO and founder of Casino Hacks, said of rolling-out such a launch given the current climate.

“Basically, the idea came to me six months ago and after testing it with a few operators, there was no time to waste getting the site up, acquiring customers and approaching investors before the summer. So here we are, a few months later. The coronavirus situation has just given us even more time to focus and find great people to work with us.”

Aiming to deliver on a 12 month Casino Hacks ambition of being the leading entertainment show in gambling and deserving of a top three position in Google ranking in target territories, efficiency, language and easy collaboration with operators are identified as key USPs by the entity.

New Zealand and Canada are good and stable markets with a good igaming structure”

“We have so many ideas and plans so it’s impossible to express them all now. Feedback from viewers over time will determine how the show and our formats will evolve. The only thing we know for sure is that what the show looks like today will not be the same in 12 months,”  Dahlén added on what is currently missing to suggest that “online casino players across the world deserve a higher standard”.

Casino Hacks has initially set its sights on Canada and News Zealand, with the site’s international strategy primed to continue across Australia, Iceland and six other territories throughout 2020.

“New Zealand and Canada are good and stable markets with a good igaming structure in place. Moreover, we want to be efficient, having almost the same show in both countries with English text on-site,” he added.

A further crucial aspect of Casino Hacks is the infusion of entertainment elements, with the combined successes of MTV, Top Gear and Late-Night Talk Shows aimed to be united with that of casino gaming.

“The Late-Night Show for its relaxed atmosphere, and Top Gear for its passion to “get under the hood” and explore,” Dahlén commented on the ambition.

“MTV for the format of news and break-out sub shows. The moments of competition, insights and surprising elements for the viewers are the combo these shows have as well.

Casino Hacks brings together ex-gaming operators, producers, marketing & SEO experts, including former executives at MTV, Mr Green, Bethard, Raketech, Pokerstars and Metal Casino.

“Coming from the operator side we felt it was time to do something new in the affiliate sector, creating new energy and with great design, broadcasting and all the fun entertainment that the online casino experience truly is about,” Dahlén added.

“The Show will reveal the latest online casino news, broadcasting casino reviews, new slots and interviews with interesting industry people such as the best Twitchers. The daily show will naturally run fun and rewarding competitions continuously.”