Crane Payment innovations, a Crane Co. company has revealed that a new Holland Casino establishment in Amsterdam-West will soon open with CPI banknote validators and the EASITRAX smart cashbox system.  

The goal to open a new operation with proven products and an efficient cash management process is what ultimately led Holland Casino management to specify CPI. While their team has already been loyal to the SC Advance banknote validator and its predecessor, the CASHFLOW SC, for many years, this will be their first property to benefit from the EASITRAX smart cashbox system.

EASITRAX works by collecting transaction and performance data directly from the banknote validator and then generating insightful reports that can be used to drive more proactive operational and cash management processes. Operators can streamline their cash drops and asset evaluations; identify and resolve discrepancies with ease; optimise asset performance; and take fast action when potential maintenance or security issues arise.

Jelle van Battum, product management slots at Holland Casino stated: “What particularly impressed our management team was the investment that CPI made in us, not only did they take the time to learn about our operations, but they actually adapted their EASITRAX product to bring us a stronger solution. For example, because we don’t employ a large drop team, CPI created a new feature for us – called the Dynamic Drop Schedule – that will allow us to plan our shifts and maximise productivity by picking which specific machines to collect cashboxes from.”

Anette Jauch, CPI Sales Director for EMEA Gaming, added: “Holland Casino is a major casino group in Europe and often leads the way in bringing new innovation to the market. The fact that they have chosen EASITRAX for their new casino in Amsterdam sends a strong message on the confidence their management team has in our solution. We take pride in supporting our customers and are very pleased to have been able to provide Holland Casino with the unique functionality they required.”