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The American Gaming Association has thrown its support behind the adoption of a new approach to nationwide advertising campaigns to allow the use of national gambling helplines.

The industry association says that, despite many enjoying gambling as a form of entertainment, for those who no longer find gambling fun “the more than a dozen problem gambling helplines across the country are essential services”. 

The new AGA policy statement encourages streamlined requirements for national advertising campaigns, which would allow operators to improve disclaimer readability and better highlight problem gambling resources.

“Problem gambling helplines are a vital resource for those in need of help. Unfortunately, lengthy lists of state-specific helplines on national advertisements create barriers for those seeking help when we should be making these critical resources easily accessible,” said Jessica Feil, AGA vice president of government relations and gaming policy counsel

“This approach—allowing the use of a national helpline in national advertising—is the most effective way to protect players.” 

Each US state has its own specific requirements for including problem gambling disclaimers in published and broadcasted advertisements. This is an essential service for localised advertising but creates confusion and inconsistency in national advertising. 

This, the AGA says, results in diminished awareness, customer confusion, and an outdated offering. 

“As gaming expands across the country, it’s imperative that our industry continues protecting all customers,” added Feil

“We believe there shouldn’t be obstacles to help for those who need it, and a modernisation of the helpline system for national advertising is a good place to start.”